Do What's Right

  • We always put our customers first, protecting players to prevent potential harm.
  • We work in an environment where everyone can be themselves, acting with integrity.
  • We are honest and not afraid to speak out if something feels wrong.

Keep it simple

  • Let's simplify things for our customers, focus on them and meet their needs
  • We are clear about our goals and who is responsible for them, so we all know what success means.
  • We eliminate complexity wherever we find it because we all get better results that way.

Go Beyond

  • We are always curious, always improving, learning from successes and setbacks to move forward.
  • We have great ambitions, surround ourselves with the best and do everything we can to achieve our goals.
  • We embrace change because that is where progress comes from.

Win together

  • We all have the same vision and purpose, so let's break down silos and share ideas.
  • We never forget that we are on the same side, so we always treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.
  • We find inspiration and celebrate the successes of our teammates because when they win, we win too.