Eurobet Merchants Convention at Villa Miani

Eurobet Merchants Convention at Villa Miani

Eurobet Italia’s annual sales network event was held today, before the company's top management and a good part of its sales team, in the splendid setting of Villa Miani in Rome. Guidelines for the future in Italy of the Entain Group, of which Eurobet is a part together with other renowned gaming brands such as Bwin, Gioco Digitale and Party Poker, were outlined at the event. 

Having overcome the particularly complex phase related to the health emergency, the focus is once again on the three pivotal points on which the group's strategy is based: growth, innovation and sustainability. 

Specifically, with the hope that the sector’s reorganization is completed as soon as possible and that tenders can be called for concession renewals, the objective of the Entain Group is to continue to invest in Italy. The Group has invested more than 50 million euros in the development of its sales network over the past five years and intends to continue to deploy resources in the future to support the sales network growth process. 

In fact, innovation of both products and services offered to customers is now an indispensable element for the future of the industry. The pandemic has accelerated the development of the digital world and brought about the emergence of new consumer preferences: digitization and entertainment are the cornerstones of transformation, and these necessarily require the implementation of continuous and widespread innovation systems.

Sustainability is at the "heart" of the company's strategic plan, and is just as important as growth and innovation. Entertainment needs to be a social event, with the opportunity of gathering in places that strike a balance between a welcoming atmosphere, practical requirements and, above all, ethics and responsibility. It is indeed the constant effort to realize the shared vision of a caring and responsible business that fosters active and positive participation of the sales network to the country’s productive fabric. 

Growth, innovation and sustainability are therefore the priority objectives Eurobet wishes to achieve over the coming years. These objectives are to be achieved through projects that enhance the company’s strategic role as a private economic operator and as a founding part of the legal entertainment system in Italy. 

Andrea Faelli, CEO of Eurobet Italia, said, "Meeting again with our partners after the emergency period that has just ended, and sharing with them our vision for the future, was very important and, as always, very constructive. Italy continues to be at the center of the strategies of the Entain group, which confirms its willingness to invest in the country in spite of regulatory issues that need to be solved in order to give certainty and stability to the entire sector. We are confident that the institutions that govern us are fully aware of the importance of the sector and of the great opportunity that its reorganization offers, in order to ensure its balanced and maximum sustainable development in the near future."  (Agimeg) 

Extensive presence of EUROBET Merchants at Villa Miani Convention