Padel Mixto: the sport that breaks down barriers

Padel Mixto: the sport that breaks down barriers

Overcoming conventional barriers, imagining sport as an inclusive space in which everyone, able-bodied and people with disabilities, can express themselves: this is the achieved goal of Padel Mixto, a project promoted by Asd Sportinsieme Roma and Msp Italia (padel sector), thanks to the support of the Entain foundation. The tournament, in which pairs made up of one able-bodied player and one with disabilities competed, was held July 9 at Padelmania in Pescara as part of the Msp Padel Club Cup finals.

Triumphing was the Roman pair of EcoPadel formed by Massimo Malizia and Paralympic athlete Roberto Punzo. The rules of the game of Padel Mixto are the same as those of traditional padel, with the only difference being that the athlete with disabilities is entitled to play the ball with two bounces and not just one.

"We are delighted with a tournament that has reached its seventh edition and in which more than 4,000 players took part (14 teams qualified, from all over Italy, ed.) and at which we were able to welcome athletes with disabilities," explained Claudio Briganti, head of the padel sector of Msp Italia, "demonstrating that padel can be an inclusive sport that promotes overcoming barriers.

"We are very proud to have supported the second edition of the Padel Mixto Club Cup, alongside Sportinsieme Roma. - said Andrea Faelli, CEO of Eurobet Italia and head of the Entain group in Italy - Fondazione Entain has been collaborating for some time, also through its CSR Award, with third sector associations that operate throughout Italy with the aim of creating social value through sport. This initiative in particular, which we have espoused from the beginning and have seen grow year by year, is for us a symbol of how sport can achieve full inclusion in a natural way. It is a very strong tool for involvement in the most beautiful and genuine spirit of competition."